Printed garments are entirely different from ordinary fabrics or clothes without print customizations. Therefore, to ensure long-lasting use, you must treat them with extra care by adhering to the instructions or care guide discussed below.

Wash your garments at low temperature

To ensure the print and fabric are protected during the cycle, avoid using your washing machine with high-temperature options when washing your garments. Keep your washing machine on a low-heat or preferably cold wash.

Dry your garments inside out

By turning your garments inside out to dry after wash, you’ll be protecting the print from environmental conditions or other items from getting to it.

Air-Dry your garments

Avoid tumble drying when washing your print garments. Taking them outside or drying them on a rack is the best way to achieve optimum results while protecting the print.

Do not iron directly on the print

Some prints can be damaged by heat. Therefore, if you must iron a garment with prints on it, it’s advisable to iron the printed area inside out to avoid applying direct heat to the print.

If you have any other questions about how to care for your customized or branded garments and other items, kindly contact us and a representative will be there to provide you with the right answers.